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Drone Detection


Do you have a drone problem or not? Are you waiting to see a drone before you do anything? Might as well surrender now – you’ll rarely ever see the drone that is invading your space.

Tier 1 – Risk Assessment

Our first tier support is Risk Assessment – do you have a problem and how significant is it?  Our Risk Assessment will document and record all the drones in your space 24x7x365.  You will have enough data within 3 months about how big the drone problem is.  With 10,000 drone operators registered each month with the FAA (and probably twice that who do not register), you will have actual data of the drones flying around you.

Tier 2 – Situational Awareness

This level allows you to triangulate on where the drones are being launched from.  You’ll know days/times when drones are most frequent, the kinds of drone (hobbyist or professional), where they are being launched from and what part of you property are they taking pictures of.  If there proves to be a problem, you can move to Tier 3.

Tier 3 – Taking Action

This level adds radar and PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) cameras to the mix. The radar feeds X-Y-Z (height) coordinates to the digital cameras so they can automatically record the drone in flight.  This provides the confirmation of the drone type and actions, and avoids false alarms to your own people or to law enforcement.  The flight path and the camera video is all recorded for later playback and possible legal action.

Tier 4 – Drone Mitigation

While other countries allow taking direct action against a drone incursion, the US only allows a ‘due process’ response’.  That said, there are a number of actions that can be taken and the regulations that govern all this are changing (in our favor) all the time. 

Patriot SB – Patriot SB©  is one of the mitigation solutions available in many countries. The most technologically advanced jammer and thermal vision smartscope for disabling drones. Versatile ISM and GPS jamming at 1000+ meters (3300’) and next gen thermal sensor with view, record, and stream functionality.


Protect Your Airspace

With FAA registrations at over 10,000 a month, UAVs are a growing potential threat to national and commercial security. Easy to produce, cheap to buy, simple to use, and hard to detect, drones count among the most quickly evolving technological threats to public, private, and military interests. Protect your property and privacy with Silverbird’s advanced Patriot system. Modern three dimensional safety – Silverbird Technologies – Drone Detection & UAV Defense.


Drone Hunter

Custom built for speed and agility, DroneHunter is the ultimate drone interceptor technology, with over 4000 captures and effective day or night. DroneHunter’s deep integration with onboard TrueView(TM) radar makes autonomous detect, pursuit, and capture of rogue drones a reality. Built with safety at its core, DroneHunter captures and tows away these dangerous or malicious drones with no collateral damage.