Drones (unmanned aircraft systems) are proliferating. FAA reports 10,000 new registrations per month from January to December of 2019.

  • Drones are being used to deliver contraband over prison walls from boats oshore to land locations over state and international borders
  • Drones threaten the public safety at large gatherings and high prole events
  • Drones interfere with existing air operations
  • Commercial airports have been shut down for days (London)
  • CalFire has ceased re-ghting operations because of illegal drone interference Defense Department is concerned about drone activity around Military bases


Silverbird Technologies was created from the experience of the four entrepreneurs to provide air, sea, and land tracking systems for the law enforcement and private sectors. Our primary focus is drone detection, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), asset and personnel tracking utilizing RFID, UWB and other RF technologies. Our deployment methodology is to utilize proven, non-proprietary, cost-effective technology with a focus on data collection and availability. We believe that costly, new, proprietary technology often lacks durability for real world usage. We know budgets are tight, but in this rapidly changing world situational awareness and personnel protection is paramount, and accurate data about the situation and the personnel can replace countless wasted hours.

Jon Andresen

CEO & President

Jon is an engineering graduate of MIT with several careers in the railroad R&D, aviation and technology consulting. He is the primary architect and author of the commercial aviation’s standards for barcode and RFID technology, creating a unique social security number for serialized parts now utilized by the DoD, and then cradle-to-grave parts traceability solutions. He helped develop the commercial aviation industries’ ATA Spec2000 first RFID application whose customers are most of the major airlines around the globe as well as manufacturers who are RFID-tagging their aviation parts. 


Fritz Egger

Founder & Strategic Accounts

Fritz has been the CEO of Vibro-Meter Corporation, Diagnostics Systems Corporation, Electrac Space Laboratories, and Advanced Security Systems, AG.  He has high-level contacts in governments and industries all over the world.

Steven McKinney

Co-founder & SVP Business Developments

Steve is a serial technology entrepreneur. Over the past two decades he built companies in the healthcare technology, data management, conversion, and analytics space, and food industries. He provides significant contributions to our ongoing success with his experience scaling operations, building out product and corporate marketing strategies and enterprise business development. Steve has a BA from the University of California, Berkeley. Steve enjoys spending time with his daughters, writing, and fly fishing in his spare time.


Tyler Matthews

Independent Contractor & Technician

Tyler is working toward a degree in Aviation and is in training to become a commercial cargo transport pilot.  He has over 6 years of experience in sUA systems as both a recreational and commercial remote pilot, and also has several years’ experience in radio transmission protocols and computer technology.  Tyler enjoys mountain biking, camping, hunting, and flying radio controlled aircraft in his free time.

Thomas Levesque

Integration and Deployment Engineer

Thomas has been integrating emerging technologies for residential and commercial applications for 15 years. His knowledge allows for efficient deployment utilizing the most practical infrastructure and hardware for each application. Thomas has a low-voltage contracting business that caters to high-end securities, access control, networking, and automation. Thomas has a BS from Skidmore College.